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Located at: 4921 US HWY 61 (Airline Drive) Metairie, La.

(In rear of Orthopedics Bldg across Highway from Garden of Memories)

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2014 Crossfit Games Open Information 

Everyone is encouraged to compete in the Crossfit Games Open in order to compare yourself to other CrossFit athletes who register, reinforce proper range of motion for a variety of CrossFit movements and to be part of a fun worldwide event that promotes your fitness program which has caused us all to fully understand what a love/hate relationship truly is!

  • For the 2014 Open, the first weeks workout will be released on Thursday February 27th and will close the following Monday.
  • Any athlete who hopes to compete at Regionals will need to follow a few extra steps during the Open all of which are available at Crossfit New Orleans through Mikey:
  1. Use a registered judge who has passed CrossFit’s Judges Course
  2. Have their result validated by an affiliate manager
  3. Videotape their performance- Please bring your own device and means of recording i.e. friend, family member

***You will not need to submit every video, but must be ready to submit any video CrossFit HQ requests from any OPEN WOD you perform

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact Crossfit New Orleans Trainer Mikey- and visit


Online Registration Fee- $20.00

Fee per WOD for members-$5.00

**$10.00 if you wish to be judged multiple times within the available time slots

Fee per WOD for non-members- $20.00

Fee per WOD for anyone outside available time slots- $30.00


Crossfit New Orleans Updated Schedule: 2.2014

Monday Classes

530am    630am  830am    930am    12pm     5pm       6pm       645pm

Tuesday Classes

830am   5pm       6pm      645pm

Wednesday Classes

530am   630am    830am    930am      12pm     5pm       6pm       645pm

Thursday Classes

830am   5pm       6pm       645pm

Friday Classes

530am   830am    930am    630am   12pm     5pm       6pm       645pm

Saturday Classes

8am       10am     11am

Sunday Class






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